EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — She’s a teenager with a big heart and a love of animals. All she needs is a forever family to share and support her passions.

Take one look at Maya’s smile, and you can tell she’s a sweet person.

“She is thoughtful, she is very generous, and really thinks about the people around her. She is crafty and often makes things for people, which is very sweet,” said Katie Juliana from Diakon Adoption & Foster Care.

The 19-year-old is a typical teenager who likes to chat and hang out. But Katie Juliana, from ‘Diakon Adoption & Foster Care’ says one of Maya’s bigger passions is her love of animals.

“She has done work with horses, equine therapy, and things like that. Which she really loves. She also volunteered with an agency that goes into pet stores and helps socialize animals, cleans cages, and things like that. She loved it,” Katie added.

Maya also has a bit of a sweet tooth. Which comes in handy when she is trying out recipes in the kitchen.

“She is interested in learning how to cook and bake. She gravitates toward baking more than cooking. She really loves sweets and making things for other people and is interested in learning how to make more recipes,” Katie explained.

As far as finding a forever family, Katie says Maya wants a home with at least one female caregiver.

“Maya would do well in a home where they can concentrate and focus on her. Maybe with no other children or with one or two other children,” Katie continued.

She’s also open to the idea of a little adventure and exploring more of what life has to offer.

“She is very open. Maya feels like she hasn’t experienced a lot in life. And she is really open to any new experiences and wants to do something new and try anything,” Katie says.

Maya’s a caring and empathetic teenager with a big heart and would like nothing more than to share her love in a good home.

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