EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — Being happy and enthusiastic on a daily basis isn’t always easy, but that’s not the case for one teenager who is looking to find him forever home. This is Lenny. He’s got a huge smile and an even bigger personality.

“He has a very comedic and enthusiastic presence. If he is in a room, you’re going to know it, because he is going to let you know. Just a very enjoyable person to be around,” stated Katie Juliana from Diakon Adoption and Foster Care.

Juliana says the 17-year-old is quite active and loves interacting with and being around people.

“Lenny would do well with a family who wants to engage with him and likes to chat. Lenny is a talker, so a family ready to hang and listen and keep him busy would be a good fit,” explained Juliana.

He’s also smart, loves playing cards and basketball, and knows exactly what he wants, especially when it comes to treats.

“Lenny has a huge sweet tooth. He’s interested in all things sweet. Whether it can be soda, milkshakes, or chocolate candy. He has a huge sweet tooth,” said Juliana.

Having a forever family who will share those sweets with him is a dream of Lenny’s, but he’s not specific when it comes to what that family looks like.

“Lenny is open to different family compositions. He is open to single parents, open to LGBTQ families. He would do well with one or two siblings. But would do well with a lot of attention and focus on him and his needs,” stated Juliana.

He’s ready to share his life, and be that special presence in yours.

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