(WBRE/WYOU) – “She’s just really looking for stability and for people that are going to help her make the next step,” says Diakon older child matching initiative recruiter Katie Juliana.

Isabella is a 17-year-old with so many interests who knows where she wants to go in life. Now she just needs a family to provide love and support to get her there.

“She likes school a lot,” says Juliana. “She does well in school. Getting good grades is important to her. So she works hard.”

Isabella loves to sing, dance, and even just picked up gardening as a new hobby. But her goal is to turn her passion for baking into a career.

“She’s been doing some experimenting in the kitchen,” says Juliana. “She really enjoys making new things. She made vegan brownies the other day.”

She wants to join a culinary program after high school. But moving forward without the structure and guidance from a forever family can add some uncertainty to that dream.

“I think not knowing where you’re going to be living — ever — or not knowing where you’re going to be is really hard,” says Juliana.

But it won’t be hard for a family to get along with Isabella and immediately make her a part of their life.

“She’s goofy,” says Juliana. “She loves to laugh. She just likes to spend time with people. So whatever it is that you’re doing, she’s happy to be a part of that.”

For more information on Isabella and the Statewide Adoption Network (SWAN) you can visit their website or call 1-800-585-SWAN.