EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — He’s a kid with a million dollar smile. And all he wants is to share his life with a family who supports his milestones and happiness. In this month’s a little love, Eyewitness News anchor Candice Kelly introduces us to Charlie.

Take one look at Charlie’s smile and it’s hard not to fall in love with him. That’s what happened with child specific recruitment worker Michele Spicer when she met him a year ago.

“He is a really happy guy. He is usually smiling when I see him. And he has the biggest smile and seems to be the happiest kid,” Spicer told us.

A happy kid who is sweet, kind and playful. In fact, Charlie, who looks much younger than his actual age of 18 years old, loves being outside. He enjoys walking, exploring and splashing.

“He loves the water. He loves swimming with a life jacket and he will play in the water any way he can,” Spicer said.

Charlie is a social boy who is constantly learning new skills. And he wants a forever family to help continue to guide him on his journey.

“We are hopeful to find a family who will include him in a lot of fun activities. So, going out in the community, church or a park. Or take him to the zoo.”

Even just listening to music will please his sweet soul.

“He likes music, really drawn to music and will listen to people singing when he attends church.”

Whatever he does, and wherever he goes… “Charlie prefers people who are smiling and have a kind and gentle voice.”

Charlie is doing it with a smile… and wants loved ones to do the same in return.

For more information about Charlie and others like him, you can visit the Statewide Adoption Network’s website.