A Little Love: Meet Amanda

A Little Love

(WBRE/WYOU) – Amanda just loves life and dreams of spending it with a forever family by her side.

“She’s very sweet,” says Diakon older child matching initiative recruiter Katie Juliana. “She’s very affectionate. She’s just got a big heart. She’s just a kind soul”

On top of that, Amanda is probably one of the nicest kids you’ll ever meet.

“She’ll ask every time I talk to her, ‘how was your day, how did you sleep, how was your dinner?,'” says Juliana. “She’s just very curious [and] very kind and thoughtful in that way.

A huge fan of UNO and bingo, this board game fanatic also enjoys singing and being around other people. Juliana knows Amanda has so much room for love in her heart.

“All her foster moms that she’s still connected to, she calls them all mom and has said things to me like, ‘I have three moms,'” says Juliana. “I think it’s really cool that she can find that space.”

But there’s one thing you should know, should Amanda join your family. You probably have to get used to some compliments.

“She will notice if you have new earrings or if you have a new haircut,” says Juliana. “She’ll always say you look nice. She’ll compliment your cooking. Yeah, she has a compliment for everybody.”

To all the families out there with love to spare, Amanda is that addition you’ve been looking for all this time. All it takes is the first step to learn more.

“She’s been in a couple different places and she really just wants to find that forever family,” says Juliana. “We just have to find that perfect match for her.”

For more information on Amanda and the Statewide Adoption Network (SWAN) you can visit their website or call 1-800-585-SWAN.

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A Little Love

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