A Little Love: Meet Aaliyah and Randy

A Little Love

(WBRE/WYOU-TV)     Every month Eyewitness News Anchor Chris Langlois introduces you to brave kids looking to share their stories and find a forever family. 
    And in this month’s “A Little Love” You’ll meet two children looking to overcome their own obstacles.. and start the next chapter of their lives.

This summer’s matching event through the Statewide Adoption Network was a chance for some incredible kids to break out of their comfort zones. 
15-year olds Aaliyah and Randy did just that in their own special ways.

First… We meet Aaliyah as she steps onto the Gorilla Grove Tree course at Kalahari Resort. 
This 10th Grader is very independent and says she’s had to make the most of some obstacles in life.
“I adapt pretty easily.  I think because I’m used to moving a lot.  Even before foster care.”
But she has a plan.  
Her confidence and desire to help others has inspired her dream to serve her country. 
“I’m going to join the military.  You have to kind of be better than the rest in order to make it.”

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And Aaliyah isn’t afraid to tackle challenges head on to ‘make it’. For instance….her big fear is anything taller than her,.
  So a  zipline through the forest isn’t high on her usual to-do list. 
But with a team around her… She’s letting go and moving forward.
“I couldn’t have gotten this far in my life without help.  It would be great to have support.”

  Then there’s 15-year-old Randy. 
If he looks familiar, you may remember his lights-out laser tag abilities when he and Chris faced off last year. 
Two years later, he’s still looking for that perfect match.
Do stuff in the community with them… Like go to the movies… Swimming…Stuff like that.”
Randy is naturally on the shy side and it takes him a little while to open up. 
So this summer’s Matching Event is a chance to show off his bravery.

“Once you get to know him and you give him a chance to get to know you… His bright personality and funny sense of humor shine through,” said Kimberly Hillman, Pinebrook Family Answers Adoption Recruiter:    

Even though opening up isn’t easy. Randy takes the stage in front of dozens of prospective parents and tells his story. 
And there are plenty of shining qualities to talk about.
  “Bright… Very sensitive…Compassionate… Kind-hearted… And willing to help others.” notes Hillam name a few.

Aaliyah and Randy. Two different displays of courage.  
But they’re looking for that same bravery in a family to make a simple phone call and learn more about bringing them into their home.

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A Little Love

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