POCONO MANOR, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — He’s a dynamic boy who loves to make people laugh. And he’s looking for a permanent audience to love and support him in his life, In Wednesday night’s a little love,’ meet Jerome.

When it comes to adventure, 13-year-old Jerome is all in. Recently, he put that bravery to use tackling the zipline in Gorilla Grove at Kalahari Resort in the Poconos.

“I’m scared,” Jerome said

Climbing 65 feet up the stairs to experience 600 feet of excitement at up to 30 miles an hour.

Back on the ground, Eyewitness News got to know the softer side of him. Someone who is caring, thoughtful, and kind.

“Look for birds, and feed some birds and feed them raisins, or rice or bread,” Jerome stated.

Aside from his love of the outdoors, Jerome loves to play video and board games. Pamela Mansfield, a Permanency Specialist at Kidspeace says that’s when his competitive side comes out.

“He loves games. If it’s family game night, he loves board games. And he loves winning. Every time I go to see him we have to play a game and 9 out of 10 times, he beats me,” explained Pamela Mansfield, a Permanency Specialist at Kidspeace.

Jerome also enjoys school and is very smart. In fact, he recently made the honor roll.

“I love school,” Jerome added.

And Jerome has another talent.

“One word, Jerome is silly. He is really silly. He likes to make people laugh. His daily goal is to make you laugh,” Mansfield added.

All he wants is a personal audience, in a forever family. One that will support and love him.

“Laugh a lot, always smiling, kind, careful, and helpful,” said Jerome

“When you ask him he says any family. Big family, small family. I’ve asked the country, city, any family, any family. I just think he wants to be loved and have a forever home and a forever family,” said Mansfield.

A home with lots of laughs and a spirit for adventure.

For more information about Jerome and more like him please visit the Statewide Adoption Network or call 1-800-585-swan (7926).