EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — Most pre-teens have a lot of hopes and aspirations.

And that’s especially true for one boy who wants a family to share his dreams. In this week’s A Little Love, Eyewitness News’ Candice Kelly introduces us to James.

When you meet James, you quickly realize just how special he is.

“I like to play football, dance, cook and I like to do camping and everything,” James said.

The busy and athletic 12-year-old is down for just about anything.

“I’m funny, and I’m a good kid,” James said.

“James is a very energetic and creative young man. He enjoys being around people and when alone, he likes to be by himself play video games and put together Legos,” permanency case manager at Diakon Jolene Keefer said.

Keefer says James is a really neat kid to be around and has many talents. But it’s his politeness, kindness and intelligence that are some of his best qualities.

“He is very generous and he also is very empathetic. He tries to understand how other people feel in certain situations and meet them where they are at as well,” Keefer said.

James has a passion for football and won’t turn down a chance to get outside and play. In fact, it’s one of his life goals to become a professional player.

“When I grow up, I want to be a football player and have kids, have a wife and kids and do football and take them to a football stadium and have a good time,” James said.

James has a lot of dreams and aspirations and he wants a parent and loving mom and dad who can help support him in achieving those goals.

“James would strive with a family that has structure, routine, with realistic expectations and meeting him where he is,” Keefer said.

A forever family that can give him quality time and keep that million-dollar smile on his face.

For more information about James and the statewide adoption network, you can call 1-800-585-SWAN.