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SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) – In this month’s “A Little Love,” we feature a young woman who is no stranger to the spotlight.  And now she’s getting a different perspective of the theater. 

Sixteen-year-old Porsha lives for the moments she’s performing in front of a crowd.  She wants to show that charisma and confidence to a forever family. 

Porsha first caught the “acting bug” in middle school.  She has been hooked ever since. 

“Theater filled that void or that hole for me as far as giving me the outlet of the emotions that I needed that I didn’t see fillable in other aspects of my life,” says Porsha.  

She once starred in the play “Willy Wonka Junior,” and now she’s getting a look behind the scenes of the production with director Camille Reinecke at the Scranton Cultural Center’s summer youth theater program. 

With several performances under her belt, Porsha appreciates that sense of family you get as part of a cast.  Within minutes of meeting this group, she fit right in during warm-up exercises. 

Throughout the afternoon, Porsha spends time with the director in the production booth.  It’s a different look at how everything comes together. 

“It definitely gave me a different perspective of the way that musicals are run and the work that is put into it,” says Porsha.   

For the next project she works on, Porsha can picture the support of a forever family watching from the crowd.. 

“It definitely would mean a lot to have someone who constantly told me that I’m doing well and just gave me that reassurance,” says Porsha.  

Now Porsha is looking to draw the curtain on that final piece of the puzzle by finding a family to help her seize the spotlight in so many different aspects of life. 

“I’m a person who loves to go experience new things,” says Porsha.  “If I have somebody beside me encouraging me to try new things… it would mean a lot to me.” 

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