A Little Love: Meet Dominick


You won’t find Dominick parked on the couch or sitting behind a computer.  Instead you’ll find this creative 18-year-old in the kitchen, whipping up his latest culinary creation.  He’s mastered nearly 100 recipes but his favorite is pudding pie..

“it’s an easy dish…If you, if you know how to do it.”

And Dominick knows practice…Makes perfect. So we took a trip to Carmen’s in Hazleton, Luzerne County where he gets some practice with  an expert…Kathy Kutchi


First satisfying his sweet tooth with filling…Dominick moves on to the icing..


Behind the counter with an apron and gloves Dominick is right at home.


Marian Kolcun is Domick’s  is lucky. She’s watched him master all-things-cooking over the last two years…

“He is a natural when it comes to the baking…The cooking aspects.  And he’s got some secret recipes he tells me.  ]”

Secret recipes? Yes.  But when it comes to companionship.. Dominick is an open book.
“He’s very comical. You cannot have a bad time with him. He’ll light up your family basically.”

And Dominick wants to share his latest dishes with his future family, especially some older siblings.

“He can look look up to them and kind of take their lead as he gets older now and needs guidance through life as a young man.”

And with his guidance at Carmen’s bakery…His favorite pudding pie, might have some new competition.


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