Finding a Forever Home: On the Job

Finding a Forever Home

(WBRE/WYOU-TV) The Eyewitness News morning crew is taking a look at some other jobs in the community to learn the ins and outs of them.

Kelly, Stefano, and Chris stopped by the Luzerner County Animal Shelter to see the hard work that goes into finding our furry friends a forever home.

“We’re never closed. 365 days a year. Somebody is here to take care of these animals,” Chelsea Feldmann, volunteer coordinator, said.

In 2018, more than 3,000 animals called SPCA home for a time, which leads to plenty of chores that must be done before the shelter opens to the public at noon.

“Every day we have to come in, get all their belongings out,” Feldmann explained.

At any given time, there can be more than 150 cats in the shelter. So it is important to give each kennel a thorough cleaning, fresh food and water, and clean bedding.

The North Dog Kennel has room for about 30 dogs and they’re almost always full. Each morning, the dog kennels are also scrubbed down, rinsed, dried, and prepared with fresh bedding.

“A lot of people will say “how can you work in a shelter?” And I sometimes want to say “I don’t know how you can’t,” Feldmann said.

Any animal that gets brough to the shelter gets a microchip scan to see if there is a documented owner. If not, the vet tech will examine the pet and runs some tests.

“Any cat gets a blood test before they even hit a cage in case they have something contractible,” Amber Reese, a veterinary technician, said.

If you see any mistreatment of animals in your community, feel free to give the SPCA a call. The have two humane officers on staff that make about 800 initial abuse calls a year.

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