(WBRE-WYOU-TV) It’s a story that made national headlines, 40 German Shepherds seized from a home in Memphis, Tennessee.

Now, some of the previously neglected dogs have become Pennsylvania residents.

Meet Gretchen. She’s a very good girl, who was in a very bad situation, but now, she and six other dogs are getting a second chance, because of one organization in Pennsylvania.

At first, it might seem like all play and no work, but for these German shepherds from Tennessee, it’s been a long road.

“There was a woman who, maybe at one time wanted to do the right thing. She said she wanted to rescue German Shepherds, but sometimes it gets out of control. She had 40-something dogs in her house,” said Char-Wills president, Diane Buhle.

From compassion, to charges of criminal negligence, but with their previous owner headed to court, where does one put 40 70-pound dogs?

“A lot of rescues have stepped up and helped out,” said Buhle.

Rescues like Char-Wills German Shepherd rescue, in New Ringgold.

The non-profit took in seven of the neglected Tennessee dogs, and is taking care of them until it’s time to find their forever home.

They’ll have to jump a few hurdles, however, before that day can come.

“Of the seven we took in, five are heart-worm positive, so it’s a fairly big expense, and some time before they’re ready to officially be adopted,” said Buhle.

But it’s not all bad news!
Thanks to Char-Wills hands-on approach with social media, Pennsylvania residents have already taken notice of the seven Shepherds.

“You can reach across the world with social media! It’s not just through the people you know. It’s through the people you know, plus everyone else that they know,” said Char-Wills treasurer Corriann Meyers.

Joseph Shafer saw one of Char-Wills facebook posts and visited the rescue as soon as he could to find a new friend for his current dog, Macca.

“I loved Rin Tin Tin when I was a little kid, so I always wanted a German Shepherd,” said Shafer.

Now, Joseph has a chance to find another furry friend.

“Dogs came up from Tennessee, and Char-Wills has taken them in. I just can’t thank them enough for everything that they do,” he said.

And the dogs have another chance at a good life, and a happy home.

For information on how to adopt one of the dogs, head over to Char-Wills’ website.