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Finding a Forever Home

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105 West Center Hill Road Dallas PA 18612

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I am here with Dr. Devinne Bennett with the Back Mountain Veterinary Hospital – and I think there is a need adopting and getting to know senior pets

Dr. Bennett: Yes, absolutely senior pets that end up in a shelter are the most looked over category out there and sometimes they give the most back

Bryan: and you guys run a wellness program here as well

Dr. Bennett the lab gives a discounted package to check organ function, cbc, check red cells – chemistry that check kidney function liver function sugar for diabetes and thyroid and urinalysis and full organ function they discount that for any pet over 7 years of age

Bryan: You know what I love about you, Dr. Bennett you are a mom to so many senior pets

Dr. Bennett: Absolutely, senior pets out there you don’t have to house train them, they have been through their whole puppy series you save money there. They have often been in one or more family setting throughput their lives; they are a lot calmer-there is none of that chewy stage – they just want love and want to give love back

Bryan: What is the process for adopting a senior pet?

Dr. Bennett: So if you are going through your foster agencies or shelters, and you want to adopt a senior pet, they will be thrilled. Let them know in advance- that you are looking for an older pet- not a kitten or a puppy- you want a season one. They will take you to look at them. Depending on your level of commitment for a senior pet- they may have some lumps and bumps; they may have some teeth that need cleaning, those sorts of things depending on their level of care prior to going into the shelter. So you want to look them oversee what you are getting yourself into as far as a health condition and make sure it is something you can handle. But once you get those things under control – if they have anything they may be perfectly healthy then you have a loving friend. Again, the shelter should be honest with you about what they know about their medical history.

Bryan: I love that you call them seasoned pets – senior pets but they are also seasoned pets—I love that term and they really do turn out to be great animals and great friends.

Dr. Bennett: Absolutely, my elder pets that I have at my house now- I have older horses, older dogs, older cats and they make my life so easy with the younger critters that come through the house because they teach them how to be good little pet citizens in the house and they are just calmer and just want to hang out with you not bouncing off the walls like our fun younger kids in the puppy kitty category

Bryan: I love it so much, Dr. Bennett thank you so much!

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