(WBRE/WYOU-TV)   A heartbreaking story about a senseless act of violence against an innocent animal.

     A local animal shelter is helping a stray cat that survived being shot.

     Eyewitness News Reporter Rachael Espaillat has the story.

“I was constantly crying. I just could not believe this was happening,” said Catherine Cahill.

For the last few months, Catherine Cahill and her husband have fed Cinnamon, a stray cat from their porch in Laceyville.   day in mid-July Cinnamon came to their porch with these wounds.

The Cahill’s took cinnamon to Meshoppen Cat Rescue– hoping Cinnamon was going to be okay.

 “We knew he had a wound but we didn’t know what kind of a wound until he was shaved. Then we could see the entrance and exit wounds,” explained Sara Brown, Volunteer Staff, Meshoppen Cat Rescue

Turns out cinnamon had been shot.

Sara Brown, a volunteer staff member says the bullet just missed Cinnamon’s spin, nearly killing him.

 “It really hurts me to know that there are people out there that will go out of their way to try to kill a cat,” noted Sabrina Foux, Meshoppen Cat Rescue.

Unfortunately, Cahill has had experience with a wounded feline. 11 years ago her stray cat also was shot.

“It’s very frightening to know that someone took a gun and shot,” Cahill told us.

Cinnamon got an infection from the wounds, but misshapen Cat Rescue and Veterinarians worked to bring Cinnamon back to good health.

There were some points where Meshoppen Cat Rescue wasn’t sure if Cinnamon was going to make it. But with medicine and 3 weeks’ time, Cinnamon has had a full recovery. Now he’s learning to get used to people”

Brown says it’s going to take Cinnamon awhile to adjust being around people, so volunteers are training to him be around others. The hope is to find Cinnamon a safe home.

“All of our cats here, if they could talk they could tell you a story. That they have been abused or abandoned by a human being,” Sara Brown, Volunteer Staff, Meshoppen Cat Rescue

Like many animal rescues in the area, this one has very limited resources and has reached capacity, but the volunteers at Meshoppen Cat Rescue dedicate their time so that cats like cinnamon can get another chance at a happy home.

Cahill says she will give a 500 dollar reward to find the person who shot Cinnamon.

Learn more about the Meshoppen Cat Rescue LINK