STROUDSBURG, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — An animal shelter in the Poconos is putting out a call, for kitten adoptions, as it’s building is filled with more than 200 feline friends.

A newborn stray kitten in critical condition was dropped off at AWSOM animal welfare society in Stroudsburg.

The kitten, now one of more than 200 cats being housed at the shelter.

“We’ve overwhelmed. We want to help, we don’t want to say no, but we want other people to help us help,” said Melissa Cozze, the clinic manager at AWSOM Animal Shelter.

This time of year is when stray kittens are born, and the shelter’s struggling to care for the large number of rescues being brought to them.

“We need people to not turn to us and say, ‘How can you help me?’ We need them to say, ‘How can we help you?’ You see a stray, fix a stray. We have traps to rent. We have trap and release programs,” Cozze continued.

With adoptions for the friendly felines are at an all-time low, the shelter now asking for donations to help keep-up with their care.

“Things we need… we need kitten food. We need litter, we need linens, we need pee pads. We need this to slow down. We need to fix the problem and that is fixing the cats,” Cozze stressed.

Due to the influx in rescues, the shelter is urging people who see a stray cat to trap it and get it neutered or spayed.

And if you’re family is in need of a four-legged friend, consider adoption.

“You can share every post that we put out there about animals ready to go home so that we can make more room to help more,” Cozze stated.