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Renowned Physicist Dr. Young Suh Kim to be Featured on Close Up Radio

BELTSVILLE, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, June 19, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- Science has brought us many new discoveries. Just as important as these discoveries are the scientists behind them. One special physicist in the academic arena desires to excel beyond all other physicists. This is the incredible story of renowned physicist Dr. Young Suh Kim.

Dr. Kim was born in a farming-and-fishing village known as Sorae, also where the American missionary named Horace Underwood set up Korea’s first Presbyterian church in 1884. While growing up during his early years, Dr. Kim endured the occupation of Imperialist Japan, having to attend elementary school run by them, and having to speak Japanese. By 1945, Imperialist Japan was driven out of Korea, yet a new threat loomed on the horizon. The village of Sorae, also happened to be in the northern part of Korea, which became under Soviet control in 1945. Ultimately, Dr. Kim and his family moved to Seoul in 1946, before the North Korean regime was established in 1948. Dr. Kim spent his teenage years in Seoul and completed his high school education in 1954.

In September of 1954, Dr. Kim came to the United States to become a freshman at the Carnegie Institute of Technology, which is now Carnegie Mellon University, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. While studying physics there, he heard about many famous people in the United States. He heard about Albert Einstein who lived in Princeton, New Jersey.

“I went to Princeton University in 1958 to pursue graduate work in physics, and to also meet Albert Einstein,” recalls Dr. Kim. “But I found out that he already died in 1955.” While there, Dr. Kim met a physicist named Eugene Paul Wigner, Nobel Prize winner in Physics in 1963. Dr. Kim completed his PhD degree in three years in 1961 and remained there for one additional year as a post-doctoral fellow.

In 1962, Dr. Kim became a physics professor at the University of Maryland, a position which he held for decades. From 1962 to 1966, as a young assistant professor, he had to struggle in the hostile environment of the academic world filled with competitive colleagues with their Herod complexes (“I am the genius. Who can be smarter than I am?”).

In 1966, in order to re-open his channel to Princeton, Dr. Kim studied one of the papers Eugene Wigner published in 1939. In this paper, Wigner constructed the mathematical framework for extending Einstein’s theory of relativity to the internal world of atoms and nuclei. However, this paper was largely ignored because there were no observable objects moving with relativistic speed.

The world became different after 1950 when high-energy accelerators started producing protons moving as fast as light. With his younger colleagues, Dr. Kim started publishing papers applicable to this new environment, using the mathematical framework Wigner constructed in 1939.

By 1986, 20 years after 1966, Dr. Kim felt that he had enough research results to make Wigner happy. Dr. Kim went to Princeton to talk directly to Wigner, and he indeed became happy and asked Dr. Kim to write joint papers. During the period 1987-1990. Dr. Kim published seven joint Kim-Wigner papers.

Professor Wigner became happy because Dr. Kim told him that his 1939 paper allows him to extend Einstein’s theory of relativity to the inside of atoms and nuclei, and thus to place him into Einstein’s genealogy. In this way, Dr. Kim was able to construct Princeton’s Einstein-Wigner-Kim genealogy.

After retiring from teaching duties in 2007, Dr. Kim became a Professor of Physics Emeritus at the University of Maryland. As a result, he has been focusing full-time on research and writing academic papers. Dr. Kim’s website contains a list of various papers and writings about his findings. Most notably, an “empty spot” that Dr. Kim discovered when reading about Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Dr. Kim is proud of filling in this empty spot with his research results.

Despite his advanced age, he works hard to place his name on Albert Einstein’s genealogy physics.

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