British performance marque TWR has been revived by the son of the original company’s founder, and on Monday it provided the first details on its first project and confirmed the involvement of car customizers Magnus Walker and Khyzyl Saleem.

The new TWR, founded by Fergus Walkinshaw, whose father was businessman and motorsports personality Tom Walkinshaw, plans to deliver bespoke vehicles that focus on combining modern materials with an analog driving experience.

Its first vehicle will be based on the Jaguar XJS grand tourer built between 1975 and 1996 and raced by the original TWR in various touring car championships. The new TWR wants to reimagine the car for the modern era, the company said.

Walker is known for collecting and restomodding classic cars, particularly among Porsche circles. Although involved in the fashion industry early on, Walker later started restoring and selling classic cars, largely through word of mouth. He became famous after filmmaker Tamir Moscvici produced the 2012 documentary “Urban Outlaw,” and he’s also appeared in multiple episodes of “Jay Leno’s Garage.”

Khyzyl Saleem (left) and Magnus WalkerKhyzyl Saleem (left) and Magnus Walker

According to TWR, Walker has been involved in various facets of its project car’s development, from the design, to suppliers, to powertrain, and he has also helped shape how the car will feel out on the road.

Saleem, who goes by the online handle Kyza, is an up-and-coming talent famous for designing wild and over-the-top cars as 3D models. He’s also helped design some of the one-off cars driven by Ken Block and Travis Pastrana, and recently started the company LTO (Live To Offend) to market body kits.

Further details of TWR’s project with the Jaguar XJS will be provided in early 2024.

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