Editor’s Note: Eyewitness News will be posting more stories and remastered footage daily on our Agnes at Fifty page. Keep in mind some of the footage does not have sound due to technology restrictions in 1972.

EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — In this installment of remastered 16mm film, you will see and hear from officials who kept an eye on the Susquehanna River in that fateful summer of 1972 and were responsible for alerting the public about potential risks of Tropical Storm Agnes.

General Frank Townend of Luzerne County Civil Defense, as well as Nick Souchick and John McCormick held a press briefing ahead of the flood where they discussed river levels and predictions for how high the water would rise.

You will also see interviews with representatives from the federal government and public health officials discussing the distribution of typhoid shots for certain flood victims.

Dick Sanderson, from the Office of Emergency Preparedness also speaks on camera about emergency housing for those who lost their homes.

Then governor Milton Shapp also came to the area to observe the damage and offer words of encouragement as offices were set up to procure state and federal relief funds.

You’ll also hear from Eugene Peters, who was mayor of Scranton at the time, and how he was part of relief efforts set up at the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Airport.