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Low-E is the #1 selling reflective insulation and most effective in the country!

mark_medium.jpgBuilding green means a whole lot more than just using sustainable materials, it means preserving the environment by reducing your carbon footprint—and your energy bills. And there’s no better or easier way to save on heating and cooling than with ESP LOW-E® Reflective Insulation. Green building is not just a trend, but the wave of the future as more and more homeowners and builders demand energy efficient homes and products. ESP Low-E® Insulation products are designed for maximum energy and cost efficiency. Whether it’s under slab, under roof, around duct work or wrapping the entire house, ESP Low-E® Reflective Insulation saves more money on heating and cooling than regular insulation and housewrap. Under Applications you can check out all the ways ESP Low-E® Insulation can help reduce your energy consumption around the home.



Why buy Low-E Insulation?

Environmentally Safe Products from New Oxford, Pa. manufactures Low-E insulation. This is the highest quality reflective insulation on the market today. The foil finishes are 99.4% polished aluminum (not to be mistaken by the metalized finish on competitors products called Mylar) with a polyethylene core of closed cell microscopic air bubbles. The patented process used to flame laminate the foil to the foam is done so that no glues are used in the manufacturing process. Low-E has the largest variety of products, sizes (12", 16", 18", 24", 4 ft, 5 ft, 6ft) and finishes available (foil, white foil, black foil) in the industry making it the #1 reflective insulation today.

What is the fire rating of Low-e Insulation?

Low-E has a Class A Class 1 Fire Rating. This means it meets all fire and smoke safety codes for all federal, state and local regulations.

Why is Low-E so effective in stopping heat gain and heat loss?

The key is the 99.4% polished aluminum facings on the product. Low-E stops 97% of radiant energy that it encounters from passing through the product. By allowing ONLY 3% of radiant energy to pass through, you will see noticeable savings on your next heating and cooling bills.

Where can you buy Low-E?

Distribution of our product is through national and local lumbar yards; residential and commercial building suppliers; heating and plumbing wholesale. Check out our web site to find a distributor near you.

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Every year I have had cold feet during the winter months, but this year we decided to insulate and heat the basement to help the the cold floor issues. After seeing the demonstration on how Low-E works, I knew it was the perfect product for me. We only put it on the walls so that we could preserve the finished wood ceilings. After finishing the installation of the Low-E, we decided to turn the heat on in the basement ( a single radiator heater measuring 12”x24”x30” ). After only 2 ½ hours, the basement warmed up to 74 degrees from 35 degrees on a 27 degree day.

My dad and I, from that day, were completely SOLD. Next year we are planning to do the whole house with Low-E.

- Mark

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