Your Weather Authority Extended Forecast

Your Weather Authority Extended Forecast

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We'll have a mix of clouds and sun, today.  Enjoy what sun you do see because we don’t have much sun in the seven-day forecast.  We also turn breezy, in the afternoon.  Those breezes will make the high of 34 actually feel in the upper 20s.  

Speaking of 20s, we drop to 20 Friday night as the skies turn cloudy again.  We'll have more flurries and snow showers, tonight.  The snow showers will amount to a dusting or coating in most spots.  While the winds diminish Friday night, they return on Saturday.  

The high will climb a few degrees to 38, on Saturday.  We’ll see more of those mostly cloudy skies.  

For the first half of Saturday, expect some more snow showers.  These snow showers will bring up to an inch in a few spots.  Other places will just get a coating.  

The mostly cloudy skies encore on Sunday, but we actually get milder weather.  Enjoy a high of 48!  The breezes return, too.  

Highs in the mid 40s encore on Monday, along with the mostly cloudy skies.  Also on Monday, we’ll see a few showers.  

Then, finally on Tuesday, we get a partly sunny day as the high drops back to 38.  

More clouds return Wednesday.  We’ll also get a few showers.  But, guess what else returns?  Highs in the mid 40s!  

Just for scale, we have an average high in the mid 40s this time of year, so we’re just returning to average.  Considering the cold weather we’ve had the past few days, the mid 40s sound pretty good.  

On Thursday, the sunshine returns again for a full day.  The high tops out at 48.

-Meteorologist Drew Anderson

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