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Women’s Resources Provides Mandated Reporter Training

Mandated Reports account for approximately 78% of all reports made for suspected child abuse in PA.
Women’s Resources announces that Ms. Yvonne Downs, Volunteer Coordinator at Women’s Resources of Monroe County, has been approved by the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape and to provide Mandated Reporter Training.  The curriculum was created by the Network of Victim Assistance and was developed in accordance with Act 126 of the Pennsylvania Public School Code. 

The PA Child Protective Services Act was signed into law in 1975. It was enacted to protect children from abuse, allow the opportunity for healthy growth and development and, whenever possible, preserve and stabilize the family. Child abuse, according to the Child Protective Services Law (CPSL), includes any recent act or failure to act by a perpetrator which causes non-accidental serious physical injury, or non-accidental serious mental injury to a child under 18 years of age. Child abuse also includes any recent act, failure to act, or series of acts or failures to act by a perpetrator that creates an imminent risk of serious physical injury to or sexual abuse or exploitation of a child under 18 years of age.

Certain classifications of individuals are required or mandated to report child abuse or neglect. When, in the practice of their employment, occupation or practice of a profession, they come into contact with children and have reasonable cause to suspect that a child is a victim of child abuse, they are mandated to report the abuse. The child must be under the care, supervision, guidance, or training of that person, agency, institution, organization or other entity with which that person is affiliated.
The law states that mandated reporters must immediately make a report or notify the person designated to make a report of suspected child abuse immediately to Child Line at 1-800-932-0313.

Mandated Reporters of suspected child abuse (e.g., teachers, doctors, police officers, child care providers, dentists, clergy, etc) are an essential component of how Pennsylvania prevents, investigates and treats child abuse. Mandated Reports account for approximately 78% of all reports made for suspected child abuse in PA.

Yvonne Downs is available to provide Mandated Reporter training to your organization in one hour or four hour formats. Please call Women’s Resources of Monroe County at 570-424-2093 with any questions including fees or to schedule training.

Women’s Resources of Monroe County has provided over 35 years of safe emergency shelter, 24-hour crisis hotline, support, counseling, education, legal advocacy, and community outreach to Monroe County victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.  The 24-hour crisis hotline can be reached at 570-421-4200.  If you are interested in hosting an event for Women’s Resources, please contact Carol Andersen at 570-424-2093 ext 19, or for interests of educational or awareness opportunities, please contact Deborah Clark at 570-424-2093 ext 20.  To learn more about Women’s Resources of Monroe County, please visit www.wrmonroe.org.  Mission: To end domestic and sexual violence for all women, children and men in our community.

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