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Woman Found Freezing on Street in Nightgown

A driver stopped to help a woman who was out in her nightgown with a rope around her neck.

Middle Smithfield Township, Monroe County – Custodian James Bass was getting ready for the day at Resica Elementary School when he saw something strange. He said, "I'm getting school ready for the two-hour delay, I'm putting the cones out and I notice a lady walking in the road, in the snow, which I thought was kinda odd."


The woman apparently came from her home in Poplar Bridge Estates to Route 402 near the elementary school. Nick Conklin did a double take when he drove by her. He said, "I seen the woman running down the road with a nightgown on. I turned around to see what was going on -- because I figured it was too cold, it wasn't right. I found the woman laying in the snow with a rope around her neck and in her mouth and I called 911."


Conklin let the woman stay in his car while she waited for police and an ambulance. He told Eyewitness News he removed a tight rope from her neck. She told him she was the victim of a home invasion.


The news was the hot topic at the local mini mart. People were shocked and curious about what exactly happened. Roger Hauser said, "It's crazy. The way things are going around here anymore, nobody is safe."

Police say they will release details after their investigation is complete. They have not confirmed if there was a home invasion. They have not released the woman’s name and they have not issued any warnings to the public in connection with this case.

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