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Wilkes-Barre Police Seize Car Believed Connected To Deadly Drive-By Shooting of Popular D.J.

Wilkes-Barre Police seized a Mercedes Benz they say is connected to he drive-by shooting death of Michael Onley also known as DJ MO last month.
Wilkes-Barre Police seized a silver Mercedes Benz Friday they say is connected to the deadly drive-by shooting of Michael Onley on October 13t near Outsiders Bar on South Main Street. Onley was also known as D.J MO and was gunned down as he left the bar Eyewitnesses say the shots came from a silver car, possibly a Mercedes, which was seen speeding away from the area. The Mercedes was stopped by Plymouth Police on Thursday night and the Officer realized it was wanted by Wilkes-Barre Police. According to Search Warrant documents police are interviewing a man they say may have been in or near the car that night and who was also at the bar that night. The man has not been called a suspect or a person of interest. Detectives are also seeking that man's cell phone records. Eyewitness News is not yet identifying the individual since he has not been accused of any crime. Wilkes-Barre Police want to hear from anyone who might have information about the homicide.
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