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Wilkes-Barre Heroin Bust

Tens of thousands of dollars in drugs are now off the streets of Wilkes-Barre.
Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne County- Bernice Shovlin has lived in the same home in Wilkes-Barre for 25 years.  Her apartment complex is just a few blocks away from 19 South Empire Street.  City and state police raided the home Friday night.  Authorities seized 45-thousand dollars in heroin, and most of it was packaged for distribution.
Shovlin couldn't believe that two-thousand bags of heroin were seized from a home so close to her own.  Other neighbors didn't find the news very surprising.
"It’s a real quiet neighborhood around here, but just down the block there, that's where the bad parts are." Said Aaron Wygant
Aaron Wygant and his wife are expecting a baby girl any day now.  He says it's scary to watch children grow up in communities surrounded by drugs.
"Kids are starting way younger, 13 and 14 years old, selling and using drugs."
Police arrested 21-year-old Kenneth Evans at the home on South Empire Street.  Investigators also arrested two men who tried to flee the scene in a vehicle.  They say the driver rammed an undercover state police car.  He was taken to the hospital after police say he tried eating a quantity of crack cocaine.
Bernice Shovlin said it’s becoming too common in her neighborhood. "The cruisers are starting to come through more regularly now.  I see them more and more as each day goes by."
Shovlin says a heavy police presence can help her neighbors feel safe. "All the neighbors here are very close, and we do watch out for one another."
  Evans is being held at the Luzerne County correctional facility with bail set at 30-thousand dollars.

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