West Wyoming Fire Company #1 Scares up Funds

West Wyoming Fire Company #1 Scares up Funds

The fire department in Luzerne County is cashing in on the Halloween season with its Trails of Terror.

West Wyoming, Luzerne County -- You'll be surprised by what you'll find in the woods near West Wyoming Hose Company #1. Ghouls, goblins and all sorts of spooky creatures are waiting for you at the fire company's 3rd annual Trails of Terror. "We're looking for people to come out and get scared 'cause that's the fun part about all this work," said Trails of Terror chairperson Gloria Bubblo. That work is done by dozens of volunteers who put in hundreds and hundreds of hours to put together the scary skits and scenery. "We have members of the fire department, their families, their friends who come and start building, erecting and volunteering on all the days that we have it," said Ms. Bubblo.

Some of those volunteers, like 12-year-old Jordan Redmond dress up to give the crowd a good fright. "It sounded like fun," as she explained why the first time volunteer wanted to help. She's playing the part of a screamer. 16-year-old Toni Prynn is dressed up as a zombie. "I'm going to get up in people's faces." She's motivated to scare knowing Trails of Terror is West Wyoming Hose Company #1's biggest fundraiser of the year. "It helps us get new stuff for the fire company and we can just continue doing this every year if people come out."

The $8 per person fundraiser helps the fire company pay down the debt for its valuable fire trucks while paying for a whole lot more. "Lots of fire equipment because every couple of years you have to replace things. Random tools that you might need because we do rescue, fire department, rehab," said West Wyoming Hose Company #1 Firefighter Dave Granteed. West Wyoming Hose Company #1 hopes for big community support for its Trails of Terror. In return, firefighters say they'll provide crowds a 'spooktacular' good time. "They're going to be very scared in certain sections so they better be aware," said Mr. Granteed.

Organizers say Trails of Terror might be too scary for small children. You can check it out Saturday and Sunday nights throughout October beginning at 8:00 p.m. in the woods near the fire company grounds. There's also a special Friday walk on October 25th.

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