Web Surfing Safety

Web Surfing Safety

In Monroe County, a man went to a remote area early Thursday morning expecting to meet a woman from Craigslist, but instead police say he was ambushed.
The next time you think about buying something or meeting someone online you might want to consider taking some extra steps to stay safe.  In Monroe County a man went to a remote area early Thursday morning expecting to meet a woman from Craigslist, but instead police say he was ambushed. 

The Emerald Lakes beach in Tobyhanna Township is a peaceful place to many.  Early Thursday morning that secluded area was anything but peaceful as a 45-year-old Henryville man attempted to meet a woman he had been talking to through Craigslist. "He walked down there he did see her.  She had a flashlight and she turned and walked away and at which point he was robber by 2 unknown males," says Lt. Chris Wagner.  The man claims 2 men jumped out and beat him with a baseball bat and gun.  From there they robbed him of his phone, wallet, and about $100 in cash.  They bound his wrists with zip-ties.. and told him to wait there for several minutes.  When he thought they were gone, he went up a path looking for help, but found more violence.  "The suspects were still there at which point the suspects began to beat him again," Lt. Wagner adds.

It's secluded places like this one that Lt. Wagner says to avoid when meeting people from Craiglsist or the internet for the first time.  "You certainly want to avoid your secluded locations.  That's just a recipe for disaster," he says.  This is not the first misfortune to come out of the website Craigslist. 

Lt. Wagner has a few tips to stay safe when meeting new people from the internet.  He says "for the first time you are going to meet someone make it somewhere public, maybe a restaurant, maybe a shopping center something like that."  It's also important to let someone know your game plan.  Lt. Wagner adds that if possible make it a group outing or double date for extra safety. 

Lt. Wagner adds that this doesn't mean you need to skip the online buying/selling or dating all together.  "You're talking about thousands upon thousands of transactions every day, most of which are successful and work well."  He says there are some leads into who committed this crime, but the investigation is still on going.  The victim was able to get to a nearby home for help and was taken to the hospital.  He was released Thursday.

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