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WB Business Robbery, Gunfire Raise Safety Concerns

People near the crime scene say something must be done before someone gets hurt.

Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne County -- Wilkes-Barre police officers swarmed Sunoco G & G Xpress Mart early Saturday evening. The call came shortly before 6 p.m. about a holdup and shots fired. Evidence of the gunfire could be seen through the window.  A shell casing rested on the floor near a store shelf. "There's a lot of kids on this block. Somebody's going to end up getting hurt," said Amanda Margretta of Wilkes-Barre.

In this instance it appears no one was hurt. Police say two men armed with a gun fired two shots and fled with some cash. Ms. Margretta has some serious safety concerns claiming that some questionable characters loiter at the business. "People like to come in here and hang out. They don't, you know, it needs to be closed," she said. Ashley Franklin of Plymouth added, "A lot of people hang out here. It's just not safe." Ms. Franklin of Plymouth stopped at the crime scene to witness the police activity. Even though she doesn't live right near G & G's, she claims the trouble the business has experienced hits too close to home. "I think they should've closed the place down a long time ago. This isn't like the first robbery. There's many robberies," she said.

The robbers on the loose Saturday night were believed to be in their 20's. One wore a red hoodie while the other wore a gray one and both had their faces covered. Wilkes-Barre police say the two men should be considered armed and dangerous.

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