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W-B school board to camera system: stick it

Members of the Wilkes-Barre Area school board sent a strong message to the Hawkeye camera authority, voting to reject a $270,000 contract with the controversial city surveillance system.
Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne County- Saying they've heard the rumors of miserable performance and few results, school board members voted unanimously to yank a $270,000 contract with Hawkeye Security Solutions. Hawkeye, the authority created to oversee the network of city surveillance cameras, has more often than not lagged in performance and has been a constant lightning rod of criticism for the millions spent to install the cameras and technology required to support them.

"There were general concerns that there were others who didn't pay their fair share and it seemed the school district and parking authority were the only two entities that were paying," said board member Christine Katsock.

Board members equated the arrangement to the district being used as a cash cow.

Board members said what baffled them is that Hawkeye assumed the contract had been automatically renewed by the district, which they claim was not the case. The board refused to pay Hawkeye more than $50,000 for eight months of surveillance at city schools.
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