Two Escapees Still at Large

Two Escapees Still at Large

Two men who escaped from the Lycoming County pre-release center last weekend are still on the loose.
Authorities say two men who escaped from the Lycoming County pre-release center last weekend are now believed be in the Little Pine State Forest.

"Anyone who owns cabins, residences in the area should go up there this weekend, to see if they're okay," said Lycoming County's Chief Detective, William Weber.

He, along with other law enforcement have been searching for Christony Pettit and Jarrett Houser since they escaped Sunday night.

Both men were serving time for not paying child support, but because they're now facing escape charges, authorities said they'll be put away for several years.

Since the two men escaped, they've managed to evade police, making their way from Williamsport to the Waterville and English Center area in Little Pine State Forest. Along the way, they've been leaving a trail of burglaries.

"We're pretty confident that they broke into a garage or residence on Wednesday," said Weber. "They stole a motorcycle which was found in that area."

Detective Weber said people in the Waterville and English Center areas should keep their eyes peeled for anyone who looks suspicious.

"We would tell residents just to keep their doors locked and report any suspicious persons," he said. "Keep any keys out of ATV's,motorcycles, and cars."

People there said they had no idea escapees could be so close.

Paul Korchek was going for a leisurely bike ride with his wife when he found out. He said he was surprised - but not scared, because the men could be anywhere.

Korchek said he will be keeping an eye out, and just to be safe, will stay armed.

"I carry a pistol. I have a permit to carry a pistol. Me and my wife are worried about mountain lions, and snakes," he said. "So yeah I do have some protection."

Police said they will be treating the escapees as though they are armed.

Authorities believe one of the men may have shaved his facial hair. Their pictures are on billboards in the area.
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