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The Law and You: June 18, 2013

A viewer needs some legal advice after being hit by a drunk driver who didn't have insurance.<br>Attorneys Fellerman and Ciarimboli will answer your questions concerning legal issues.
 Q - I was hit by a drunk driver who doesn't have any insurance. What do I do, I though everyone had to have insurance.
A - The law in Pennsylvania is that everyone must have insurance. The problem is, everyone doesn't follow the law and there are many drivers who have no insurance at all. Even though the drunk driver doesn't have insurance you still may be able to recover for your injuries. Pull out your own automobile insurance and look to see if you carry "uninsured" motorist coverage. If you do, you can recover up to the amount you are insured for on your own policy because you were hit by an "uninsured" driver. If you don't carry this coverage, unfortunately there is not much you can do at this point, other than to call your agent, make sure that the coverage is added so if you or someone in your family is in this situation again they are protected.
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