The Gift of Art in Bloomsburg!

The Gift of Art in Bloomsburg!

If you're an art lover, Bloomsburg is the place to be this week! Each night, two local artists are hiding free pieces of art from their gallery throughout the town.
Bloomsburg, Columbia County- Sara Mika and Larry Ney just opened a new art studio off Main Street in Bloomsburg.
As they were moving in they found themselves with lots of art and not enough wall space.
And then Sara had a flash of inspiration
Why not share their art -- by hiding various pieces around town.
  Each piece of art they're giving away is different. Some small... Some large. But each piece is carefully wrapped with a tag that says, "finders keepers! This is yours courtesy of the artist.

   "We love to see people with our work so we wanted to just make people happy" said Larry Ney

"The people who live here say the idea of finding free art in Bloomsburg's nooks and crannies is almost too good to be true... But that's not stopping them from looking."
"I thought it was too good to be true maybe, people just leaving art on the street. But if i saw it, i definitely would take it." said Carlos Aponte who attends Bloomsburg University
Some art aficionados in the area haven't actually found a piece yet,
But that doesn't mean they haven't already figured out where it would go.
"I think it would be nice to have something to hang around the apartment" said James Perrige of Bloomsburg.

And art lovers like James Perrige are in in luck. The art drops are going to happen until the end of the week. The best time to look? Early in the morning.
"Last night we did it at 1 o clock in the morning." said Sara
The artists say they've been putting some paintings in the open.. and hiding others in harder to find spots.
They still have at least 15 more pieces of art they plan to give away.

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