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The Center For Comprehensive Cancer Care Children's Support Group

This group is intended for children affected by any type of cancer and is the first in NEPA.
Scranton:  The Center For Comprehensive Cancer Care will sponsor an all new children's support group to be held at The Commonwealth Medical College in Scranton.  This support group will help children ages 5-18 that are coping with the cancer of a loved one.  Each session will be held at TCMC, 525 Pine Street, on the last Saturday of each month, beginning Jan. 25, 2014.

 The session will run from 10:00am-12:00pm.  Group facilitators will hold group sessions that will feature art, music, drama and yoga. There will be no charge to the family. 

This group is intended for children affected by any type of cancer and is the first in NEPA. Local lung cancer advocates, Dr. Karen Arscott, Dr. James Arscott, Linda Sacco, Rita Fenton and Sheila McDonough created this group after realizing that support groups for adults are common, but support groups for children are rare. Working with the Center For Comprehensive Cancer Care, the Center is happy to help with such an important and ground breaking venture.  TCMC is supportive of the group and will donate space for each meeting.

Children often have difficulty understanding what is happening to their loved one as they endure cancer treatments. They also experience difficulty expressing their own feelings both during and after the process.  Having other children around that they can freely talk to and have the sense of understanding is very important in the dealing of the stressful time in their lives.  Knowing that they are not alone is helpful. In this hurried world, people are not always given adequate time to absorb and understand changes in their lives. While coping and grieving differs from person to person, having an outlet with a professional and/or peers can truly make a difference in life.  Understanding that they are not alone can help the children in their every day lives.

Registration is required and waivers must be signed by a parent/legal guardian before each session.  Interested parties can call (570) 342-8874 or email KArscott@tcmedc.org.

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Sheila McDonough)

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