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Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

If you're preparing Thanksgiving dinner, you know it can be a lot of work but it's also something you can enjoy well after the holiday. Here are some creative recipes using your turkey day leftovers.

Plains Township, Luzerne County- There may be only one Thanksgiving, but  leftovers can last quite a while.

John Koza is the Executive Chef at Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs. He's cooking up some delicious dishes all made from leftovers. He too has leftovers after the holiday.

"Desserts. Desserts are one of the big things. Desserts and stuffing," says Koza.

From pumpkin pie to a pumpkin pie smoothie. All it takes is just two additional ingredients. Low fat yogurt and milk.

"The good thing is the spices are already in there. The only thing I would add, if you like it a little bit sweeter, is a little bit of honey. You can add a little bit of caramel," says Koza.

Using your leftovers will save you from throwing them away and it will cut your cooking time in half.

"Well, you get to get creative in the kitchen. You don't get to throw food out. It gives you time to spend with your family, where you can get them involved with it," says Koza.

Chef John's potato soup recipe takes less than 30-minutes to make. Butter, onions, broth and your leftover mashed potatoes is all you need for this recipe.

"It's kind of speeds up the process. You're using potatoes that are already cooked and mashed. When you make a potato soup you're going to cook them and mash them anyway. That process is already done for you. Time is of the essence. It's easier to have that extra time that you can spend with your family instead of standing around the stove and waiting for them to come," says Koza.

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