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Switch In Light Bulbs Is Coming

Starting on January 1st manufacturers will no longer be able to produce 60 and 40 watt incandescent bulbs
Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne County - "They don't seem as bright as the regular incandescent bulbs," Harry Hartopp, a Mount Carmel resident, said. "They provide enough light for reading and what have you."

Hartopp switched the bulbs in his house from incandescent to compact fluorescent a few years ago.

"I haven't replaced one yet and I've had them for at least a year and a half," Hartopp said.

Soon a lot more people will be forced into making a similar switch.

That's because starting January 1st, due to federal regulations, manufacturers will no longer be allowed to make the old 60 and 40 watt bulbs.

"They'll be able to buy them as long as everything is on the shelf," Walter Letanski, with Walter's Hardware in Wilkes-Barre, said. "The manufacturers will not be able to produce them after December 31. If we still have them on the shelf we'll still be able to sell them."

The same legislation has already phased out 100 and 75 watt bulbs from production.

Letanski told Eyewitness News there aren't many advantages to the energy saving bulbs. He also claims the incandescent bulbs work better in the cold and light up quicker.

Harding Wade, a Wilkes-Barre resident, said us he hasn't had much success with energy savers.

"I'm serious they do not last," he said. "I had one in the lamppost that came with the lamppost it lasted, I would say, six months."

For consumers less than thrilled about the switch some stores, like Walter's Hardware, have stocked up on the incandescent bulbs.

Letanski says the energy savers also cost a little more, but that should change when production of the incandescent bulbs stop. He believes that should help ease the transition a little.

"The compact fluorescent and the other alternatives are always going to be more at the moment," Letanski said. "Prices are coming down as the manufacturers are producing more."

Elected officials believe the switch to the energy saving bulbs could save Americans as much as $13-billion a year on electricity.

To learn more about the switch click here.
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