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Stolen Red Kettle

Someone stole a Salvation Army red kettle in Luzerne County.
Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne County - Someone stole a Salvation Army red kettle in Luzerne County.  It was meant to help the less fortunate this time of year and police need your help to find the person who did it.  In a season of giving, there are some who are taking.  

Lt. Ted Tressler from the Salvation Army says "my heart got ahead of my head.  The guy came and said he got laid off, his kids don't have any food."  He says a man came in and offered to be a bell ringer.  "I'm thinking wow what a great story.  What a great heart this person has.  he is in need himself, but he is wanting to help us," explains Lt. Tressler, but when Lt. Ted Tressler went to check on him at Shiel's Super Market in wilkes-barre... He was gone.  Lt. Tressler says "we took him at his word and allowed him to go to a store and stand to ring a bell for us and a couple hours later we went by to check on him, to see how he was, and he wasn't there."

People hearing about it reacted as you would expect.  Gianna Perillo, of Kingston, says "that's not nice!"  Her dad, John Perillo, "that's actually horrible that somebody would do that."  Sue Moore, of Nanticoke, says "it's terrible, it's terrible.  I can't believe they would do that.  I would never dream somebody would steal something like that." 

Now, the Salvation Army is afraid this person will set up shop somewhere else, ringing that bell with bad intentions.  Lt. Tressler says "we don't want someone's hard earned donations to go somewhere they don't intend."  When you decide to donate he says there are some sure signs that a volunteer is the real deal.  "Kettles need to be on tripods with signs and the volunteer will have an ID card as well issued by us," says Lt. Kessler.

As for the person who stole the kettle, some people feel the punishment should fit the crime.  Moore says "I think they should do some community service, I mean really hard community service."  Gianna Perillo says "I'm going to put them on the naughty list because they stole money!"

If you recognize the person in those surveillance photographs you are asked to call the police or the Salvation Army.

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