State Police: Wayne Co. Man Tried To Kill His Girlfriend

State Police: Wayne Co. Man Tried To Kill His Girlfriend

Robert Brundage, Jr. is accused of dousing the woman in gasoline and firing five rounds at her.
Sterling Township, Wayne County -- "He's always scared me, because he's made a couple of threats to people."

Donald Paiva has a rocky relationship with his neighbor, Robert Brundage, Jr. but he never could have predicted what unfolded in the Sterling Township neighborhood Saturday night.

"If you saw the look on this girl's face, she was scared," said Paiva.

Paiva said Brundage's girlfriend, Hope Hernandez, ran across Woodland Drive to his home.

"She was hysterical, she was screaming that he tried to kill her," said Paiva. "She said that he shot at her and tried to pour gasoline on her, so I said I would call 9-1-1 for her."

State police said Brundage and Hernandez were at a party earlier in the day. During the drive home, Brundage hit Hernandez and tried to take the steering wheel from her.

"She said him and his friend drank almost a gallon of gin, they drank vodka, they drank whiskey, they drank a six pack of beer and then he went outside and smoked marijuana," said Paiva.

When the couple made it back to the house, state police said Brundage grabbed Hernandez by the hair and threw her to the ground. He then poured gasoline on her, took out a pistol and fired five rounds at her. She was able to make it to Paiva's home unharmed.

"I said calm down, sit down, but she wouldn't sit down, because she smelled gas and didn't want to ruin my furniture!" said Paiva.

When state police arrived on the scene, Brundage fired several shots at troopers and they returned fire.

"He was saying come on up and let's see if you can get me, with this weird laugh, like a monster walking through the woods trying to tear your head off, that's what he sounded like," said Paiva.

Brundage surrendered peacefully after several hours. Paiva said he's happy no one was injured, but he didn't worry about Brundage coming after him.

"He knows me, and he knows that I have more guns at my house than he has at his."

Brundage is charged with 10 counts of attempted homicide and 10 counts of aggravated assault. He was arraigned with bail set at $1 million.
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