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Small Business is Popping

Local business owners hope customers support "Small Business Saturday."
Smithfield Township, Monroe County – You could buy flavored popcorn online but it probably
wouldn’t be Sugar Plum flavored and you definitely wouldn’t get to watch a craftsman
make it by hand. That’s what you see when you visit Popcorn Buddha in
Smithfield Township. Customer Ana Tampana smiled, "They are so creative
and what they come up with is such a quality product. It's incredible."

Tampan and Robert Reister visited together. They said they love the personal touches
they get to enjoy at small businesses. Reister said, "Get away from going
out there with the crowds. Don't fight the crowds."

They appreciated the help Popcorn Buddha’s small staff gave them as they chose from the more
than 80 available flavors. Tampana beamed, "That lemon meringue pie and
the dark chocolate raspberry are to die for."

Co Owner Craig Campeotto said he was happy to help. He told Eyewitness News small
businesses help customers and the community. He explained smaller shops are
usually the ones that sponsor local school and sports events. They also spend
their profits in their town. "This is our community. We live here,” he
said. "Small businesses are what generate life for us in our communities."

That’s why he signed up to join the American Express Small Business Saturday
promotion. On Saturday, if you go to a store with a Small Business Saturday sticker
in the window and pay with your American Express card, you’ll save some
money. "When you spend $10 or more you will get a $10 rebate back on your
American Express card in less than 90 days,” said Craig.

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