Fell Township Shooting Investigation

Fell Township Shooting Investigation

Family members tell Eyewitness News, one woman is now in critical condition after a firearm discharged at her Fell Township home Tuesday night. The woman and her husband were both struck by the same bullet.

Fell Township, Lackawanna County-
"We're investigating a shooting that happened on Jefferson Street in Fell Township," says Trooper Connie Devens.

A state Police Forensic Unit sat outside the home of Melissa and Bruno Rocuba Wednesday morning. Investigators have been at their home since around 11pm Tuesday night. The couple of over 20-years was taken to the hospital after a gun went off, striking both of them with the same bullet.

"Bruno Racuba was handling the firearm when he was struck in the hand, and his wife was struck in the head," says Trooper Devens.

"He was in recovery and I'm worried about them. I am going to see how she is doing," says Louise Rocuba.

We caught up with Bruno's sister Louise before her visit to the hospital.

"He's been gone for a week and this was there back together night. So there would be no argument," says Rocuba.

Although State police say its too early to call this incident suspicious, we talked to Throop's top cop Chief Keith Jones. He has over thirty-years of experience and gives this advice to people carrying a handgun. He says, always treat the weapon as if it's loaded.

"It's very seldom it's a total accident. It's like a plane crash. It's human error," says Chief Jones.
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