Seventh Street Bridge Naming Controversy

Seventh Street Bridge Naming Controversy

Governor Corbett cancelled a public bill signing for a controversial bridge name change in the Poconos on Monday.<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Some people don't agree with the new name proposed for Monroe County's Seventh Street Bridge.&nbsp; <br>
Stroudsburg, Monroe County-A busy bridge in Stroudsburg is about to get a new name.  State Representative Mario Scavello proposed calling it "The Martin and Sebring Bridge."  It would honor current Monroe Sounty sheriff Todd Martin and former Sheriff Forrest Sebring, who died in 2011.
  Some people are upset because Sebring allegedly made some comments against women and minorities in public.

"The bridge should not be named after a person that would say something like that.  If he did good things, that's great but on the other hand, I think that outweighs what he's done because it shows a different side of him." said Deborah Corbett of Stroudsburg


"We hold public figures to a higher level than you would the average person."

State Representative Mario Scavello said Sebring's long history of public service outweighs any comments he may have made.


"The guy was a very popular sheriff, very popular."  I didn't know some of the things that are being thrown out right now.  I moved here about 1987.  But he was a very popular person."

The other man who will be honored with the bridge name is also very popular.  Todd Martin has served for more than a decade but some people are concerned about naming a bridge for someone who is still in office.
"Normally we don't name buildings after people who are active in office and still living." added Susan Corbett


"I think people are too politically correct about things.  Forest Sebring has done a lot of good in his life and so has Todd Martin." said Dan Dunn of Stroudsburg.

It's not clear when the bridge will get new signs designating its new title.
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