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Schuylkill County Elects a New District Attorney

Upset in District Attorney Race
Schuylkill County-Sixty-seven votes that's what is separating the winner and loser of on of Schuylkill County's closest races
  Republican Christine Holman defeated Democrat Karen Byrnes-Noon in the race for Schuylkill County District Attorney
  Byrnes-Noon,  has held the office for almost two years.
  The victory is considered a major upset in Schuylkill county.

"Every vote does count.  We have 67 municipalities in Schuylkill county, so if one person from each of those didn't vote or voted another way, I wouldn't be successful." said Christine Holman, Schuylkill County District Attorney Elect.
"I am proud of the campaign that I ran.  It was classy, it was honest and I did not mudsling.  I wish Attorney Holman the best." said D.A. Karen Byrnes-Noon.
Karen Byrnes-Noon says she is "not" asking for a recount, because her family has been through enough.

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