Salvation Army Fills More than 400 Cars with Thanksgiving Feasts

Salvation Army Fills More than 400 Cars with Thanksgiving Feasts

The East Stroudsburg Salvation Army says more people need help this year than last year.

East Stroudsburg, Monroe County – Jen Fernandez could not stop smiling as East
Stroudsburg Salvation Army volunteers loaded the trunk with a Thanksgiving
feast. She said, "It's very nice to know that people care, especially
during the holidays when everybody is doing so bad."

The Fernandez family was one of about 450 the East Stroudsburg Salvation Army is
helping this Thanksgiving. That’s about 70 more families than last year. Food
pantry manager Jill Brink thinks she knows why. She said, "A lot of
people's food stamps have been cut. It's ten dollars per family member so if
you have a family of four that's $40 out of their food budget."

The community stepped in to help fill the need. Pocono Medical Center workers
collected more than 100 turkeys and nearly $40,000 worth of food. Pocono
Medical Center Executive Assistant Debbie Moore said, "It really made us
all step back and think about how lucky we are right now."

Volunteers from Notre Dame High School chipped in to help load up all of the cars and they
say they were glad to help. "I'm glad because it's a way to give back, way
to be a part of the community and help out everyone within it,” smiled senior
Mae Lacey.

Fernandez said thanks to the volunteers, she’ll definitely be giving thanks for her
community next Thursday."I just want to thank them and wish them the best,”
she said.

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