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Round Hills Earns World Record for Hopscotch Event

With 359 Participants, Former Elementary School’s Spring Attempt Sets Record
Williamsport, Lycoming County-Round Hills is “officially amazing,” according to the folks at Guinness World Records, who announced Thursday, Oct. 3, that the now-closed elementary school set a new world record on May 20 for “The Most People Playing Hopscotch Simultaneously.”
The event, coordinated by the school’s PTO, tallied an official count of 359 “hoppers” playing at the same time. The school abolished the old record of 358, set in London in 2011, by just one person.
“I’d like to congratulate the teachers, staff, students and parents that attended Round Hills last year and participated in the Guinness World Record attempt,” said Wendy Potope, former PTO member of the school, who shared the message in each of schools the students are now attending. “All your hard work paid off. A bittersweet congratulations to you all — you are all amazing.”
“The effort that everyone put into it was tremendous, with such a positive attitude, and it was such a great experience because of that,” said Cindy Schuyler, who was principal of Round Hills at the time and now heads Cochran Primary. “Congratulations to all those involved and be proud.”
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