Rescued Dogs Rescue Woman

Rescued Dogs Rescue Woman

A woman says the dogs she rescued from a kill shelter helped keep an animal with rabies away from her.

Blakeslee, Monroe County – Teri Pultz says her rescue dogs rescued her. She smiled, "Just
all the love that they give. They are just amazing things to have in your

Teri adopted all of her dogs. The first two, Kegger and Dude, came from owners who
couldn’t keep them. The last three, Chance, Bosco, and Buddy, were all going to
be put down at a shelter in New York.

Two weeks after she got Buddy, Pultz said she was sleeping on the couch and a rabid raccoon
got into her house. It pushed through her screen door.  “I woke up to this screeching noise,” she

The raccoon was just a few feet from where she was sleeping. The dogs jumped into
action. She said, "It was very traumatic for me, screamed the whole time.
I felt like it took forever."

Several of the dogs were injured. The raccoon bit and scratched them. Pultz took them
and the dead animal to Creature Comforts Veterinary Services. The veterinarian
fixed up the dogs and confirmed the raccoon had rabies.

Creature Comforts staffer Linda Breitlauch said she hopes Pultz’s story convinces people
to adopt pets. “ "Especially if people would avoid taking puppies from
puppy mills, pet shops, that sort of thing,” she emphasized.

Breitlauch said rescue animals can do so much more than rescue you from an intruder. They
can rescue you from thing like loneliness and depression. She said, "A lot
of these animals give back as much as what we give to them."

Pultz’s dogs all had their rabies vaccines and got booster shots after the attack this
spring. They are expected to be ok.

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