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Report: Three Dogs Found Dead In Bags In Monroe County

For the second time this week officials in Monroe County are investigating reports that a dog was found dead and stuffed in a bag
Strousdburg, Monroe County - On Monday Eyewitness News reported that two dogs had been found in Stroudsburg, Monroe County.

One of the dogs was malnourished and the other was dead and stuffed in a trash bag along the side of the road.

Now it appears three more dogs were found dumped in trash bags, just a few miles from where the first two were found.

"I can't stress enough please stay with your animals," Marie Grimm, with the Animal Welfare Society of Monroe, said. "Don't let them out of your sight. Have them on a leash."

Grimm gave that warning to dog owners in Monroe County.

She gave that advice after her shelter got a disturbing call on Thursday.

Staffers tell Eyewitness News that someone reported to them that three dogs were found in bags in the western end of Monroe County. The caller apparently said one of the bags was just found off of Merwinsburg Road, a second was found on Jonas Road, and the third was
found near the ShopRite in Brodheadsville.

"It's just horrible," Grimm said. "I mean even if it were natural occurrences that's not typically how this would be handled. These animals are being left outside."

Officials with the animal shelter couldn't confirm the dogs were found because the tipster said the bags had been removed.

The reports on Thursday come just days after Eyewitness News found a dead dog wrapped in a bag in Stroudsburg.

"It's inhumane," Selena Pavlides, who spoke with Eyewitness News in the parking lot of the ShopRite, said. "You know just because the animals don't speak doesn't mean they should be treated unfairly."

Robert Klose, a Blakesless resident, said the reports are disturbing.

"Anybody that doesn't love an animal, even if you don't have it, I wonder about it," he said. "How can you not like them?"

Officials with AWSOM told Eyewitness News that there are many ways to give up a dog, but they said putting them in a bag is simply unacceptable.

"Oh my god no," Richard Homar, whose on the board at AWSOM, said. "It sickens the AWSOM family to have to deal with this."

Eyewitness News reached out to the woman who apparently reported finding the dogs into the shelter, but she refused to comment.

If the report from Thursday turns out to be true that means there will have been at least four dogs found dead in bags since Monday.
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