Remembering Thomas Baysore, Jr.

Remembering Thomas Baysore, Jr.

Military veterans in Northumberland County are reflecting on the loss of a soldier killed in combat.
Milton, Northumberland County -- Staff Sergeant Thomas Baysore, Jr. was serving his third deployment in Afghanistan when he was killed on Thursday. A man wearing an Afghan National Army uniform opened fire on a group of soldiers. Baysore suffered a gunshot wound to his neck and later died.

"He was just home on leave, went with his family to Kentucky to go overseas," said Ret. Cpl. Bryon Anspach.

Anspach has worked with Baysore's father, Thomas Baysore, Sr., for 25 years at Con Agra Foods in Milton.

"Tom is a good guy, retired Navy, and most of his family has been in the service," said Anspach.

The highly-decorated Milton soldier joined the Army in June 2001. His awards include three Army commendation medals and five Army achievement medals, among many others.

"It's a damn shame!" said Ret. T/5 Calvin Temple.

Temple served in World War II. He and other veterans at VFW post 1665 in Milton agree that it's time for our troops to come home from Afghanistan.

"If them idiots want to kill one another, let them go and do it," said Temple.

"I don't think our military should be training them at all," said Anspach. "We went in there to do a job, the job is done, it's time to get out."

Baysore leaves behind his wife Jamie and five-year-old son in Clarksville, Tennessee. The couple would've celebrated their sixth anniversary this Wednesday.

"It's part of his job, and that's what he went there to do," said Anspach. "But with a little son like that, it's going to be hard for him to remember his father."

Baysore's body was transferred to the Dover Air Base in Delaware Saturday night. There's no word yet on funeral arrangements.
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