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Remembering Dunmore Native Martin Monahan

A young Army Ranger and Dunmore native who tragically passed away recently will be laid to rest this weekend. Today, those in Captain Martin Monahan's hometown remember their hero. Today we traveled back to Captain Monahan's roots.
Dunmore, Lackawanna County-Although he didn't live in the area when he passed away, his memory is still very much alive in Dunmore.
  Kathleen Hubert speaks highly of her former 6th grade student, Martin Monahan.
  The Dunmore native turned Army Ranger died July 24 from a sky diving accident in Hawaii.
  He was 30-years-old.
  Back in his hometown of Dunmore, Kathleen remembers him as a young boy.
"We knew from way back then that he would be in the military. He would live and breath things about the army.
  She says, that attitude sometimes came in handy
"I would say you're in my army now, and he would get right up there and he would play the little soldier.
  Before becoming an officer in the United States Army, Captain Martin Monahan attended Scranton Prep.
"He was always so full of life and wanted adventure in his life. I was devastated."
"A mass will be at Saint Mary of Mount Carmel Church this Saturday at 9:30 to remember the Dunmore native.
  81-year-old Joe Karra lives along Shoemaker Street in the borough near Monahan's family members.
"He was a nice man. They were nice people.
  Captain Monahan's uncle was too upset to talk on camera, but shared this picture of the Monahan brothers with us.
 It's also noteworthy to mention, both his grandfather and father were mayor of Dunmore.
  And the current mayor, Mayor Loghney, told us "to know Dunmore is to know the Monahan family."

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