Recyclables Litter Wilkes-Barre Streets

Recyclables Litter Wilkes-Barre Streets

The gusty winds are blowing the items out of the cans and onto the streets.
Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne County -- People who live in Wilkes-Barre are dealing with recycling delays.

The gusty winds are blowing the items out of the cans and onto the streets.

The Mayor of Wilkes-Barre said the delays are happening because the recycling volume has nearly doubled this holiday season.

Workers are being encouraged to take extra breaks to avoid frostbite and hypothermia.

– Mayor Thomas M. Leighton has issued a statement on single stream recycling pick-up in the City of Wilkes-Barre. Recent pick-up delays have occurred over the past week as recycling volume has nearly doubled due to the Christmas and New Year holidays.
The City of Wilkes-Barre requests to inform residents that compressed mid-week holiday schedules combined with smaller DPW staffing levels as a result of illnesses, double trash pick-up days, and severe weather outbreaks has resulted in collection delays.
Over the past two weeks, severe weather outbreaks have included two significant snowstorms that required DPW crews to shift focus from recycling pick-up to winter storm preparations. During the storms, crews worked extended shifts around the clock plowing and salting roadways throughout the city as road conditions deteriorated from snow and ice accumulations.
Severe weather continues to occur as recently as today with near record below zero temperatures and high winds causing wind chills to dip to -15 degrees or more. DPW crews have been encouraged to take extra breaks from the frigid temperatures during today’s pick-ups to avoid frostbite and hypothermic conditions. Safety concerns for crews working in sub-zero temperatures are of the utmost importance.
“I’m extremely proud of our DPW workers today for braving the bitter cold temperatures and commend them for working diligently to remove recyclables as quickly as possible,” said Mayor Leighton. “Over the past two weeks, the holidays presented us with a heavier trash and recycling load; however my main priority was managing road conditions during recent snow events in order to maintain safety for our residents and those traveling throughout Wilkes-Barre.”  “I appreciate the patience and understanding of the residents of Wilkes-Barre as we work through the recent challenges that have hindered our regular pick-up dates,” Mayor Leighton further noted.

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