Railriders: 60 Degree Guarantee for Opening Day

Railriders: 60 Degree Guarantee for Opening Day

<br>With just ten days until opening day, the president of the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Railriders has a 60-degree weather guarantee or fans will get a free ticket.

Moosic, Lackawanna County - We are now just ten days away from the opening of the brand new PNC Field in Lackawanna County.

After more than $30 million in improvements, the president of the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders is guaranteeing good weather for opening day.

If he is wrong, fans attending the game will win.

The promise came from General Manager Rob Crain in the form of a YouTube video.

"I guarantee, guarantee that on opening day, April 4th, it will be at least sixty degrees," Crain said in the video.

As the final touches are being put on the new ballpark, we went to Your Weather Authority morning meteorologist Dave Skutnik to see if the promise will stack up.

"There is a chance that it is going to warm up next week," Skutnik said. "It does look like the cold weather from this week will be leaving us with some milder stuff pushing in just in time for Easter Sunday into next Monday. The problem is, for the middle of next week, it does look like more cool air is lurking and that includes for opening day next Thursday."

If it isn't 60-degrees next Thursday, Crain will give out a free ticket to any Sunday-Thursday game for every fan in attendance opening night.

"If it doesn't get to sixty degrees, I'm absolutely ready to pay up," Crain said.

Fans say they like the promotion to build excitement for opening day.

"I think it's a good idea," Barry Strong of Moscow said.

"I like it because if they don't get it, then we get the free tickets," April Newton of Taylor said.

While we're still days away, it might be a close call.

"In any normal season, Rob's prediction wouldn't be all that bold," Skutnik said. "The average high for April 4th is actually 55-degrees but based on all the cool weather we've seen lately and what I'm seeing for next week, I'm giving Rob's forecast only a 25% chance of verifying."

"Ha! Hey, that's 25%. I'll take those odds," Crain jokes after hearing Skutnik's prediction.

The Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders will open the season on Thursday, April 4th at PNC Field in Moosic.

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