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Radar Controversy As Local Police Say Laws Are Outdated

Local Police Chiefs say the public as well as their officers are being placed at risk by an outdated law that forbids them from using radar guns to enforce speed limits.
White Haven Police Chief Tom Szoke has one question: Why are radar guns good for the State Police but not local officers? Chief Zsoke is growing a large number of police Chiefs demanding to have a law that forbids local department from using radar to enforce speed laws Chief Szoke said, "We are told that radar saves lives so why can't it be used in local communities?" Several Bills have been introduced in Harrisburg to change the law. State Representative Tarah Toohil from 116th District is pushing for change. She said, "It does not make any  sense to not allow our local offices to use radar guns. The law is antiquated and has to be changed." There have been numerous efforts to change the law but some lawmakers resist fearing that local departments will use radar enforcement to raise revenues.
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