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Quiet Valley Farm to Table Harvest Tour

Quiet Valley Farm to Table Harvest Tour - Saturday September 7,
Stroudsburg, Monroe County In celebration of Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm's 50th anniversary as a historic farm museum there will be a Farm to Table Harvest Tour - Saturday September 7, 2013. Folks will be able to visit the farm for a very, special evening tour focused on harvest-time. From 4:30 to 7:00 pm tours will go out every half hour with the last tour at 7:00pm. Evening is an especially lovely time on the farm and it tends to give you a better sense of what it might have truly felt like in rural Pennsylvania during the 1800s. As part of the tour there will be food samplings at four areas involving apples at the bake oven, sauerkraut at the schoolhouse, corn at the cellar kitchen and winter squash in the open barn area. A presentation will take place in the schoolhouse on Preserving the Harvest. This evening will have a unique focus not usually found on the tours, one that includes the delicious tastes of autumn. Admission is $15.00 for adults and $5.00 for ages 3 - 12. All money raised goes to support the farm and its mission to preserve and present the agricultural history of the 1800s.
Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm is a non-profit, educational corporation dedicated to the preservation and presentation of Pennsylvania’s agricultural heritage. At Quiet Valley history comes to life on our 19th century farmstead. Quiet Valley conducts school and special tours from Labor Day until June and is open to the general public from the third Saturday in June to Labor Day. Period-dressed “family” members reenact the life of the original Pennsylvania German farming family who lived on the farm from the late1760s to 1913. The farm also hosts a number of special events throughout the year. For more information on the museum call (570) 992 – 6161 or visit us online at: www.quietvalley.org.

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